In the video above, Sir Michael Jones - recently knighted -  rugby great, community worker, firm family man and all round NZ hero and good guy talks about EMPOWER ASIA

Having spent over 20 years living in Asia and working for one of the world’s largest international development organizations in developing countries, we have seen hundreds of organizations at work in the field. It is clear that some are making a huge impact in the communities they are working in, and others less so. One of the reasons we financially support Empower Asia is that we believe in the basic development paradigm that underpins their work: individuals are valuable, have potential, and can only be changed when one is prepared to invest in them long term and in a holistic way. Empower Asia does this, and is making a difference in many lives.   

We have confidence in the leadership team at Empower Asia and have confidence in the work they do and the impact they are making.                                                                                     Greg Foster – Past Area Vice President for Africa & Middle East

If you would like to support then there are support options for you;                                              

1.    You could choose to give to wherever funds are most needed OR                                        

2.   You can choose to support a certain country OR                                                               

3.   Select a particular project house that you would like to sponsor. We will send out e-reports pertinent to your project about 3 times per year OR                                                                

4.   Choose a particular item that you would like to help in. For example:                                                cover education costs for one child (normally about $20/month),                                                      sponsor a young person's university fees (about $1000/year),                                                           cover expenses to buy a 50kg sack of rice ($75),                                                                               rental for one of our Nepali homes ($250/month),                                                                               out of school extra-tuition costs (with a school teacher) $50 for 5 kids per month. 

Simply email us and choose how you would like to support. We will reply quickly to you and send any further information that may be required.

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Regular automatic payments (direct debit payments) are by far our most preferable form of support. This is because it assists us to correctly plan income and expenditure levels for each of our projects.

Bank Account Details                                                                                                                         For New Zealand:  EMPOWER ASIA     BNZ        02 0464 0223245 97                                             For Australia: EMPOWER ASIA or SURE DESTINY   Bendigo Bank   BSB 633000   Acc. 123786022 For Other Nations:  Kindly email us for details.